Brett’s Coaching

Hi there! Welcome to my Carnivore Coaching website.

I’m Brett, aka the Thankful.Carnivore. I’ve been successfully living the Carnivore lifestyle just shy of 5 years. July 16, 2023 is my 5 year Carniversary! I love life as a Carnivore!

I lost 43 years worth of chronic depression, anxiety & insomnia symptoms eating only meat & drinking only water. I haven’t experienced a headache since July of 2018. I experience zero joint pain, zero constipation, incredibly health skin & incredible libido eating only meat & drinking only water.

Let me teach you how to succeed at the Carnivore lifestyle because you deserve to experience YOUR best possible health!

This is not a temporary diet counting calories or rationing food, but a way of eating -more accurately a way of life- that is working to heal our ailments from chronic depression to arthritis. As great a gift as the healing is the mental clarity; the absence of brain fog and chatter, the feeling of joy, of wellness, and being in tune with creation and our environment. This has led to better relationships and marital joy that we cannot help but share our stories to hope this helps others on the path to healing.

Our ancestral position still secure- top of the food chain, baby. Most of us no longer use spears and arrows, but we still get the meats to the table! These shirts are for the hunter still encoded deep within us all.

Meaty Tees

Look Good While Eating Well, that's our mantra. Shop now for Meaty Tees! Don't get hangry, eat meat! No brain fog here, let the world know this particular apex predator has it under control.